Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fresh Faces

Sorry for the delay in posting another round of intros. There was a storm in Brisbane on Monday and I have been without internet since. Still not being repaired until at least the weekend.

But enough about that, let's get to know more about another 2 CT members.

First up is new member, Melinda Thompson.
My name is Melinda Thompson but most people know me as Min. I am married to a wonderful husband Brad of 10 years and we have two adorable boys, Riley 3.5 years, Finlay 2 years who are my constant source of inspiration. We have just recently moved to Emerald in Central Queensland and just love the quiet country life.

I started scrappingaround the time that Riley was born but only really became 'serious' about 18 months ago. Now I am hooked! Scrapbooking to me is a wonderful combination of creative release and a way of recording our family's memories. I love to scrap and journal about the little & insignificant details of my boy's life. I do something scrap related nearly everyday, if I'm not scrapping I am thinking about it, browsing through magazines, online galleries and blogs or simply taking photos of my little boys.

My style is always evolving, not sure if I have a style as I love to experiment with new techniques, so it often depends on what I am scrapping or the challenge. Even though I have two boys, I am not afraid to use an odd flower here and there on my LO's. But I do love to use any distressing technique, stitching and non scrapping embellishments on my LO's.

And Melinda's layout from February 15th sketch
Our second member for today is also a new face, Nadia Cannizzo.
My name is Nadia Cannizzo, I am a wife and mum to 2 little girls. I have been a primary school teacher for 10 years and am working part time at the moment. I have been scrapping for just under 2 years and definitely prefer the 12x12 size. My style? Don't really knw it yet. I can't define it. All I know is that I like a LOT of stuff on pages...layers, embellishments, flowers etc etc. I scrap because I want to remember. I try my hand at just about every style or technique.

And Nadia's layout based on our sketch.
We are almost at the end, check back again tomorrow.

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