Tuesday, February 1, 2011


............ our March to September 2011 Creative Team Members.

We have a fantastic mix of new and old members in the new team. Whilst I would have loved to include a lot more of you, I think 16 is probably more than enough.

Our returning members are:

Crystal Bowman
Jasmine Shea
Karen Wilson
Louise Nelson
Sarah Ward
Tara Scobie

And our new faces are:

Anthea Peterson
Elise McKay
Felicity Wilson
Julie Winks
Linda Eggleton
Linda Zanotto
Melinda Thompson
Nadia Cannizzo
Sue Mylde

And I, Sara, will also be playing along with the sketches each month for this term.

I will being giving you a little insight into each of the members later in the month but for now, why don't you go and check out their blogs.


  1. Wooo hooo can't wait to see all your devine work each month.

  2. So glad to be back for my third term and looking forward to working alongside my fellow returnees and newbies!!

  3. yay can't wait to see everyone's interpretations!!! and woah! great team!!! sorry not to be on the team, but thought it was time for me to move on!!! {even though I am pretty sure i will need the sketches when i'm stuck ;)!!!}

    Love Charmane

  4. WAHOO!!! So excited to be part of the team!! Look forward to creating alongside you all! xx

  5. Congrats to all the girls. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with each month.

  6. Hooray! :) Thanks Sara for making me part of the team! :) :) Looking forward to playing along!

  7. Woowee what a line up!! :) So stoked to get back on the team and create alonside this amazing list of creatives :) :) :)

  8. Congratulations to all the CT ladies, what an awesome line up. Cant wait to see your inspiration each month.
    Keep it up Sara, it's a truly wonderful challenge blog, I love ALL your sketches :)

  9. Congrats to the new CT girls and yay to the girls staying on!! Love to see what you all come up with each month, keep up the awesome inspiration. xx

  10. I'm so thrilled to be joining such an amazing team of talented scrappers! Looking forward to creating alongside you all - both returnees & newbies :)

  11. CONGRATS to you all and I can't wait to see fresh inspiration from you all :-)

  12. congrats to all the newies and all the continuing CT....so excited to be playing along each month and being super inspired by you all!!!!
    LUV IT!!!