Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sketch #19

Another Friday and we are creeping ever closer to Christmas! I hope you are all ready and are able to take a few minutes to complete this week's sketch.

The Sketch:
Sara Noendeng:
Emeline Ng:
Jodie Armitage:
Jody Urquhart:
Lisa Warren:
Melissa Heather:
Quanita Laattoe:

Hope you all have an excellent weekend.


  1. Girls your LOs are amazing this week! i still cannot believe how one sketch can be interpretted so many different ways! Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Lovely Layouts Girls
    Sara, love that little nappy shot with the bum in the air!
    In the words of Emeline, So Berry Cute :)

    Sorry mine is late, Had major puter issues.

  3. Gorgeous examples girls, I loved them all :-)

  4. Loving all the inspiration I am getting from you site Sara, and the sketches are fantastic. Thanks for the idea' more scrapper's block!!
    Off now to pack for the crop tomorrow....see you there girl!!!!!


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