Monday, August 4, 2008

Important Announcement

Its now time to finally reveal this important announcement I have been hinting at for a few posts.

Stuck?! is turning one!

And we are having a month long birthday to celebrate!

In addition to our regular sketches each week, we will also have a mini sketch challenge and game each week. RAKS and prizes will be available for most things.

Check back every few days to see what is happening.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like fun stuff going on, can't wait!

  2. awesome....congrats and happy birthday!!!!!

  3. Cool...I'll be checking regularly to make sure I dont miss anything

  4. SO FUN!!! Happy Birthday, I will be blog-stalking!!

  5. Congratulations Sara & the girls at Stuck!? (past n present) it is amazing how time flies so quickly... I am already a regular reader & will be this month & year's to come.....
    Congratulations again Sara...keep on creating those amazing sketches & layouts!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Congrats on a wonderful year Sara.


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