Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stuck CT Call

Our CT have been fantastic over the last few months but unfortunately it is time to bring in some fresh faces.

Have you ever wanted to be a Stuck?! Sketches CT member? Well now is the time to prove it. We are currently taking sign ups for a mini comp to prove just how much you want to be a Stuck?! CT member.

We will have 3 positions available for a 6 month term beginning on October 27 2008. We will accept applications from anywhere in the world whether it be Australia, the US or even Antartica hehe.

So what will you have to do? Well sign ups will be taken until Monday 29th September 2008. To sign up, please email me at with the following information:

1. Your full name
2. Your location
3. Your blog address / online gallery
4. A list of any DTs that you have been involved in previously or are currently serving. (this has no effect on your possible position, I am just curious).
5. What do you think you could bring to Stuck?!

Once sign ups have closed, there will be 4 weeks of competition. You will be supplied with the same sketch as the current CT and asked to complete a layout in the same time frame. Each week the current CT will vote on their favourite layouts and our winners will be decided at the end of the comp. There will be no eliminations, everyone will play for the entire 4 weeks.

New designers will be contacted shortly after the final round of competition and will commence on October 27th.

What do we expect of you as a CT member?
*Each CT member will be required to submit 4 - 5 LOs per month. By Thursday each week, I will send you a new sketch and it will be due the following Monday, no exceptions. If you cannot commit to this deadline please do not apply. I do not send sketches out any further in advance.
* Positions will be held for a six month period and members will be required to reapply at the end of the six months to continue on.
*CT members should use the Stuck?! CT blinkie and promote Stuck?! where ever and when ever possible! I want each CT member to be proud to be a member and to spread the word around!!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and give this a shot!


  1. sounds exciting but just wondering what is the incentive of being on the Stuck?! Creative Team?

  2. I'm so excited for the competition to start!!!


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