Monday, August 29, 2011

Please make welcome

We are nearing the end of the introductions to the new team. Their first sketch samples will be doing up on the 1st / 5th September and I can't wait for you all to see what they have created.

Before then, let's introduce Raquel Pert.

A little bit about Raquel:

Hi, my name is Raquel, I'm 27, a primary school teacher and I live in Melbourne. I have a gorgeous fiancé and we are getting married in December, so no kiddies just yet! We have shared an amazing last few years where we were lucky enough to live in London. Wow! What an incredible experience we had, so many memories I am still left to scrap!

I LOVE to scrap, and my favourite parts about scrapping are not only the gorgeous products but also the fantastic online community that I have found since I started scrapping. I have not been on any DT's as such, though I work at my LSS teaching and also on their website, so that has helped me keep up to date in the scrapping world. I have been published in numerous publications and those details can be found at my blog,

My favourite things to scrap are the things that mean the most to me – those special people in my life who I adore! My boy, my friends and my family feature the most on my pages. I don’t quite have a word to define my style, however, I love coordinating different brands and mixing and creating my own colour combinations - and layering and clustering seems to feature on pretty much all of my pages.

And her take on our CT application sketch:

Come back tomorrow for our final introduction.

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