Friday, April 6, 2012

**Sponsor Update - Scrap Therapy**

Want 10% off all your orders? Find out how.

It is always exciting for us when you guys place a huge big order, but the orders that excite us the most are those that come in month after month from our loyal customers, so we have found an extra special way to say thanks to you all for your continuing custom.

Next time you get your 'Scrap Therapy has shipped your order!' notification be sure to go in and read the details - each notification will have a special individually generated discount code to use on your next order, that gives you 10% off if you spend with us again anytime in the next 30 days. For now that is 10% off absolutely all of our products (except postage).

Don't spend that often? Don't worry, these vouchers are fully transferable - send it onto a friend to use. There is 1 use per voucher and they cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other prize vouchers, but other than that we encourage you all to share - maybe your friend will send their voucher code back to you.

You can visit the Scrap Therapy store and place an order here.

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